Facebook – Switch Back to Old Photo Viewer

Facebook recently upgraded its photo viewer with lightbox effect i.e.  when you click on a Photo it opens in the same windows in a black box (which doesn’t look so good, as it doesn’t give the feel of Facebook we are used to) . It comes with the option of (i) previous & next button onto left & right side, (ii) like and comment on bottom & (iii) close button on top right for only that particular small window. So when you press close button you will get back to previous Facebook (Home Page). This is really nice & useful but still seems unlike for many users

So, If you want to get view photos in old style than click on the photo from wall & just press refresh button or F5 Key (shortcut to refresh) this will take you back to old Photo View,

Or the other way is right click on the photo and select “Open in New Tab” option

Both F5 key & right click technique work on almost all web browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Note: This does not change photo view to old style permanently, it’s a temporary change only for selected photo album