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These days many of us are more active in Facebook than any other site, we do lots of activities like messaging, photos sharing, etc with friends and family, but do any of us remember what are names of all of our friends ? Or what post we have made on last Saturday? It can be more than hundreds it’s hard to remember all data, few of my friends have suffered problems caused by bugs in facebook

One of my Friend commented on FB’s topic

Facebook has just deleted all of my friends does anyone know why they have done this!! I am very angry but cant do anything except adding them again, but can anyone tell me where to find all my friends list?

Their a reply was “Save friends list in Excel file

Their is a better option

Recently facebook has launched a feature called “Download Your Information” this allows user to download their whole information (i.e. Friends List, Messages, Wall Posts, Photos & Videos, Events etc.) on to computer systems in a .zip file format in few easy steps and here they are :

1) Login to your Facebook Account

2) Go to “Account” from top right corner of window

3) Their you find “Download Your Information” in its right click on “learn more

4) You’ll find a Green “Download” button click on it

5) A message will popup, click on “Download” button

facebook will gather all information related to download and for security reasons will send download link in Email with subject “Your download is ready”, this process can take few hours

6) On receiving email follow the link given in it, a new windows will open asking for “password, enter your facebook account “Password” and click “Continue

7) Almost Done – Click on Green color button saying “Download Now
and save file in your computer system, below it you can find the size of your download

Though it’s a very Good Feature but just a Data Backup technique to save it on Computer, currently their is no option to restore it back to facebook account.

For more information on download browse Facebook Help Center

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