New PayPal rules for Indian Users effective from 1st March 2011

Received an email this morning from PayPal, this can cause headache for Indian PayPal Users (Specially Freelancer, Merchants who are fully depended on Paypal), According to which PayPal Indian users cannot use their account balance for purchase of any Goods or Services and balance needs to be transferred into Indian Bank Account within 7 days from date of receiving it, this means you can only make purchase by Credit Card linked into PayPal.
All this has happens because of new rules made by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

This New Rules will be effective from 1st March 2011

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In Search of Best Audio/Video Converter…

In search of Best All to All Audio, Video & Image Converter Software

A friend of mine purchased new Cell Phone and ask me to find a converter so he can convert all his favorite media files from old into new phones compatible format, just as a hobby many of us need these kind of converting software, for which we really don’t want to spend even a penny, but on most of search result we find a different software which mostly comes with crappy interface & load of ads that too a limited period trial version.
(Just talking about Genuine, I strictly hate piracy) After googling hundreds of pages, searching tons of forum & experimenting dozens of software finally my search ends successfully with finding of FormatFactory

“Format Factory” is a ad-supported freeware multimedia converter developed by ChenJunHao, It fulfill requirement of Converting, Extracting, Joining of Almost All Audio, Video & Images format to All, from wav to mp4, wmp to dvi/vob, jpg to gif etc. Though it’s a ad-supported software but it still comes without any crappy ads, without any limitation, runs smoothly on all current Windows Operating System with very little load on Computer System and available in 56 different languages

Its interface is really nice, with simple buttons and so easy than even a new born computer kid can use it properly, The processing speed is pretty good compare to others.
Have 4 different Skins, just like what window media player type software’s have in them
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Download Facebook Profile into Computer

These days many of us are more active in Facebook than any other site, we do lots of activities like messaging, photos sharing, etc with friends and family, but do any of us remember what are names of all of our friends ? Or what post we have made on last Saturday? It can be more than hundreds it’s hard to remember all data, few of my friends have suffered problems caused by bugs in facebook

One of my Friend commented on FB’s topic

Facebook has just deleted all of my friends does anyone know why they have done this!! I am very angry but cant do anything except adding them again, but can anyone tell me where to find all my friends list?

Their a reply was “Save friends list in Excel file

Their is a better option

Recently facebook has launched a feature called “Download Your Information” this allows user to download their whole information (i.e. Friends List, Messages, Wall Posts, Photos & Videos, Events etc.) on to computer systems in a .zip file format in few easy steps and here they are :

1) Login to your Facebook Account

2) Go to “Account” from top right corner of window

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