Video Calling in Facebook powered by Skype

Social Networking Monster Facebook has recently launched its much awaited “owesum” feature – Video Calling powered by Skype
To launch Video Calling Feature Facebook and Skype have made an agreement, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Skype CEO Tony Bates made announcement at the company’s Palo Alto, California Headquarters
Mark Zuckerberg also confirms that it now has 750 million users worldwide, Skype currently has 150 million users which will indirectly to be boosted by 750 million through this tie-up. This one-on-one Video calling feature is directly available in Facebook Chat in over 70 different languages

to use Video Calling user must be equipped with a webcam, this feature will be available to everyone in the next few weeks, but if you don’t want to wait just login to and start video calling right now

Another feature – Multi-Person Chat to be available soon, in this multiple users can be added in a conversation for group chat

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Download Complete Facebook Album in Single Click

Facebooking is incomplete without the sharing of photos, it is very easy and most likely for users to share photo albums in Facebook. But the problem comes when there is a need to download a Set of Images (Complete Album) from it, whether it’s your own or your Friends Album, getting on every single photo & using old right click and save technique is very irritating and complete waste of time specially if in case the images are in bulk

Web Application
One can download entire facebook album & tagged photos in just a few click using a web application called picknzip it’s a free web application which work on all Web Browser (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.) just visit the web page and click “Login with Facebook” a pop-up will appear, allow your profile access to picknzip & you can download all your & your friends album with just a click either in PDF or in ZIP format

Firefox Extension

Another Good Option to do this very easily is using “Firefox” & its extension called “FacePAD” it’s a Free Firefox Extension published by Arthur Sabintsev, merely 9kb in size and runs on all current windows Operating System. Using FacePAD one can download complete album with just a Single Click. The installation process is same as of other firefox extensions, so after installing FacePAD next time when you open your facebook account you just need to right click on the Album and you will see option “Download Album with FacePAD” just click that and the whole album will be downloaded into your computer in JPG Format (in your default firefox download directory eg: C:\Users\Username\Downloads)

Right Click on Album & Select “Download Album with FacePAD”

Facebook – Switch Back to Old Photo Viewer

Facebook recently upgraded its photo viewer with lightbox effect i.e.  when you click on a Photo it opens in the same windows in a black box (which doesn’t look so good, as it doesn’t give the feel of Facebook we are used to) . It comes with the option of (i) previous & next button onto left & right side, (ii) like and comment on bottom & (iii) close button on top right for only that particular small window. So when you press close button you will get back to previous Facebook (Home Page). This is really nice & useful but still seems unlike for many users

So, If you want to get view photos in old style than click on the photo from wall & just press refresh button or F5 Key (shortcut to refresh) this will take you back to old Photo View,

Or the other way is right click on the photo and select “Open in New Tab” option

Both F5 key & right click technique work on almost all web browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Note: This does not change photo view to old style permanently, it’s a temporary change only for selected photo album

New PayPal rules for Indian Users effective from 1st March 2011

Received an email this morning from PayPal, this can cause headache for Indian PayPal Users (Specially Freelancer, Merchants who are fully depended on Paypal), According to which PayPal Indian users cannot use their account balance for purchase of any Goods or Services and balance needs to be transferred into Indian Bank Account within 7 days from date of receiving it, this means you can only make purchase by Credit Card linked into PayPal.
All this has happens because of new rules made by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

This New Rules will be effective from 1st March 2011

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